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Go Green! Solar Power Information

Go Green! Solar Power Information


Author: Jonathan Eyslier

The first step to living in a healthier, cleaner world is to get solar power information. Solar power can be used often in everyday life but before you learn how you can use solar power you should know what solar power is.

When you collect the natural power the sun gives out is is called solar power. Solar power is a renewable energy source. It does not deplete the earth of it\'s natural resources and it doesn\'t cause pollution.

Solar power has the ability to give your house electricity. Between the air you breath being cleaner and your electricity bills being dramatically reduced converting your house to solar power is worth giving a thought. To get electricity from solar power you have to hook solar panels up to your house.

In order for solar panels to work they have to have solar cells in it. Solar cells are the part of the solar panel that stores the energy that your house uses.

The solar cells are surrounded by glass for two different reasons. The first reason is to prevent the solar cells from being ruined by the outside weather. Because the solar cells are electrical any water getting on them could short them out.

The second reason is that when the solar cells are inside of glass the sun gets magnified and has the ability to produce more energy.

Solar power can also be used to heat your water. The process of using solar energy to heat your water is called thermal solar power. The sun has naturally provided us with heat since the beginning of time.

The two main uses of solar power are to heat your water and provide you with electricity. Changing the way you get your energy will dramatically reduce your electric bill. Plus, if your solar panels produce more electricity then you use, your meter will go backwards. How nice would it be to receive a check from the electric company for a change.

Using solar panels and thermal solar power are not the only ways solar energy can improve your life. You can get battery chargers that are powered by solar power, phone chargers, or even buy kits to turn gas powered things into solar powered.

The ability to use solar power on the small things can really add up too.

Learn other ways that solar power can help save you money and make the environment you live in a better place.


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