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How To Build A Solar Power System Yourself, DIY Solar Power!

How To Build A Solar Power System Yourself, DIY Solar Power!


Nowadays the economy is down the drain, and energy prizes are unstable. What better time than this to get a big cut back on you electricity bill.. Or even make money selling your surplus energy back to the power company!

There are a couple of ways you could achieve this, but in my opinion the best way to go is DIY solar power. Sunlight is free, it\'s clean, and it can save you a lot of money!

One of the big benefits of solar power systems is their diversity. You can apply Solar power in many different ways in and around your house, or even your company if you like. Some you may have heard of, while others you probably never considered. Let me point out a few possible ways you could apply the use of DIY solar power, instead of using fossil fuel or non-renewable electricity which are both polluting and costly.

- Hot water / warming system for the floor of your home.

- A big energy saver: Washing your car (or your motorcycle) with solar powered warm water.

- Heating cabin/second home.

- It\'s possible to apply passive solar air heating, a big saver as well.

- For a safe atmosphere around your house or company: Apply solar power to light your driveway, garden, path, or home.

- Complete (or partial) electric for your home.

- Industrial and/or commercial water heating and hot water appliance.

- Domestic hot water heating.

- Pool heating (indoor/outdoor).

- Lighting your parking lot or your private street.

- Possibly supply power to a whole construction site (communication equipment and tools/computers).

- Spa/hot tub heating.

- On-The-Go use: If you are out and about a lot, you can charge your phone, laptop or other electronics with a portable solar power device.

- Campsite shower water heating.

- If you use a security system to guard your home, you can power this with your own electricity.

I think this clearly shows that with the use of a solar power system, you can easily do your part to keep our planet green, and save yourself a good deal of money at the same time. If you would want to do this, how is the best way?

One way to approach this, is to buy a solar power system retail, or second hand. The problem is that they are quite expensive, the cheapest ones being around $3000. If you can\'t (or don\'t want to) spend that amount you could look into building building a solar power system yourself!.

If you would like to get one, but you don\'t have a clue where to start, there are a few manuals out there that explain how you can build a solar power system. I think the one at DIYSolarPower.Net is one of the best, since it\'s very detailed and therefore basically \"idiot-proof\".

They also have loads of information on other cheap DIY electricity subjects, that help to keep the environment clean as well. For instance wind power, building your own batteries to store the electricity you produce, and much more.

About the author: Matthew S. Leverton has been a green energy spokesman for well over 15 years, and would like to share his views and information with you at DIY Solar Power.


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